The Skeleton Kings are a group of bosses fought in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are skeletons of monolithic proportions, intent on stopping the adventurers attempting to reach the Handsome Sorcerer. To this end they are summoned at the end of the Immortal Woods, along with a host of lesser skeletons.


The Skeleton Kings appear in sequence and are fought in the following order:

  1. King Aliah
  2. King Crono
  3. King Seth
  4. King Nazar

Skeleton Kings lumber around the field of battle dealing high damage to any target they can reach. Occasionally a Skeleton King will stop and unleash a potent beam of necromantic energy that continuously ravages any target it lingers on.

All four Skeleton Kings have nearly identical stats. They all have high health, and can take a while to wear down. They are also broadly resistant to elemental weapons, leaving only explosive and non-elemental attacks as viable damage sources against them.


Skeleton King's Head

When a Skeleton King is defeated, its head will fly off and start attacking as a separate enemy. These heads have little health and can easily be destroyed, but their movements can make them hard to target as they perform swooping attack runs. If not destroyed quickly enough, the head will resurrect its fallen body to full health.


  • Each Skeleton King, when their head is defeated, drops blue-rarity equipment (along with a few Green/Purple rarity), along with 2-4 Eridium.
  • Despite being small, their heads have a huge phaselock radius.
  • Defeating a Skeleton King and leaving its head fly does not count as kill, so it cannot achieve Second Wind.


  • Nazar is an eye-shaped amulet used to protect against the evil eye.
  • Seth or Set, is the Egyptian god of darkness and chaos.
  • Cronos is the leader of the first generation of titans in Greek mythology.
  • Aliah is an Arabic word meaning "heaven, sky, noble, exalted"

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