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For the group referred to as skeletons, see Skeleton (faction).

Skeletons are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They wield a sword and are the standard skeleton unit.



Skeletons are frail opponents, but their bony stature gives them a small target profile, making them hard to target from a distance. They tend to dodge when fired upon, and will often go enraged where their eye sockets glow red. They will then rush forward and perform leap attacks upon the foe until their rage subsides. They have a basic melee attack and can throw their swords from a distance.

Skeleton's skulls are a critical hit point and will take damage up to half of their health before being destroyed. Even headless, a skeleton will fight on, flailing around aimlessly until it is destroyed. They are also resistant to incendiary, having no flesh.