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Skags At The Gate is a main story mission in Borderlands given by Dr. Zed.


"Outside of Fyrestone, just past the gate and across the road, you'll find several skag dens. A skag is a vicious four-legged creature, and they'll eat anything, including you. I wanna know if you can handle yourself in a fight against some of these beasts, so head on out there and kill some of 'em for me. If you're still in one piece, then c'mon back."



Skags At The Gate

Video walkthrough


Kill 5 skags and return to Dr. Zed.
  • Skags killed: 0/5


Skags can be found just outside the gate. The nearest skag den is just across the road, and houses five skags, enough to complete the mission. There are also more dens up the slopes in either direction, as well as down the road to the east.

Shooting skags in the mouth (this is easiest while they roar, or during certain attacks where they may pounce with their mouths open) allows for a critical hit to be scored, dealing amplified damage. Some caution is advised among packs of skags, as they can inflict high melee damage.


"I guess those skags didn't give you much trouble, eh? You clearly know how to handle a gun. That's good, real good. You're gonna need it, 'cause I've got somethin' else for you to help me with."