A Skag Rider is a midget riding a domesticated skag. They are encountered in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC. The AIs for the ridden skag and the mounted midget are separate; if one or the other is killed first, the second continues to melee.

Badass Skag Rider

Badass Skag Rider

There is a badass variant of a Skag Rider which can appear with elemental damage properties. The skag itself will vividly show the elemental effect, and the rider is a more conventional Badass Midget.



  • "Can you smell him? Get him girl!"
  • "Run, run, run!"
  • "Faster! Go faster!"


  • If the midget rider is killed, the skag may start spitting at the player, much like a Spitter Skag.
  • If the skag is killed, the midget will regain some health and begin to attack the player much like a Midget Psycho. If his health is low, he will attempt to suicide bomb the player.
  • Because the skag and the rider are separate enemies, Mordecai's Bloodwing can attack them in rapid succession if the player has invested skill points into Bird of Prey.

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