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Skag Rapparee are enemies that are encountered in the Parched Fathoms, in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. A Skag Rapparee is similar to a Skag Rider, but are comprised of an Alpha Skag with three mounted midgets instead of one.



The midgets are usually a rider wielding a buzz-axe, a raider wielding a sword, and a Badass Midget wielding a combat rifle. Because Rapparees are comprised of four separate targets, explosive weapons can greatly damage all of them at once, while corrosive and incendiary damage can quickly spread between them.

If any of the midgets or the Alpha Skag mount die, the others will continue fighting. Even if wounded, the midgets on its back will regain all of their health when the skag is killed.

Unlike the buzz-axes employed by Psychos and their midget counterparts in the main game, the buzz-axes thrown by the Midget Raiders are swift and deadly, thrown in a much flatter arc (and generally from much closer). When on foot, they will almost always engage in melee, so killing the skag before the midgets may mean one less projectile-throwing adversary in the field.