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Skag Pups are relatively weak skags and are little more than a nuisance to all but the lowest level character. They occasionally flank their target if the target focuses on other skags. They attack by leaping forward short distances with their mouth open for a leaping bite attack or by whipping at prey with their tongue.

Their armored sections reduce all bullet and melee damage by half.



Main article: Skag#General Strategy

All skags have the same weak point, their open mouth. A skag pup will open it's mouth when it roars, or when it leaps to attack. Moving to the side while the skag is airborne is an easy way to dodge, and upon landing their unarmored flank will be turned to the Vault hunter.

They almost always travel in packs. For characters low level enough for this to pose a threat, the best option is to retreat while firing on the skag pups, as the pursuing skags will usually form a rough line. Another use of their lines is to just simply move backwards and wait for the skags to close in, then once in range, strike them with a melee attack or two; this will almost always kill them, especially with bonus melee damage from a weapon or skill.

Another method is finding an elevated surface, to avoid the tongue attack and biting. This, however, will not protect from the leaping attacks. When a skag pup's leap attack is evaded, the skag will sail clean past, giving the player a chance to shoot at them before they return.


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