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Skag Gully is a wild and largely unsettled area nestled in the mountainous region east of The Arid Badlands. Marked by harsh terrain of steep cliffs and winding canyons, the area is home to a dense skag population, and to Nine-Toes, the game's first boss enemy, who presides over a small bandit settlement in a cavern at the southern edge of the map.


While there isn't much information provided in-game about this area, what appears to be a caved-in mine shaft near the entrance and several abandoned camps located throughout indicate the limited success of attempts at human settlement.


Common Enemies[]

Notable Enemies[]

Weapon Crate Locations[]

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  • This area contains the highest concentration of skags in the game.
  • In the plain below the most North-Eastern point on the map, the exposed back of an exceptionally large (the largest seen in-game) hibernating Rakk Hive may be seen. A second Rakk Hive can be seen by going east-south east from the entrance, but no Rakk come from the cliff it is viewed from.
  • The battle music in Skag Gully is unique to the area, but curiously may also be heard on occasion in New Haven's hidden basement.