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Skag Dog Days is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Chef Frank. It becomes available after Cult Following is complete.


"Chef Frank needs you to track down and harvest some succulents so he can reclaim his rightful place at the top of the food service food chain. Go on then, it's time to succ."





Turn In: Chef Frank


  • Mission items:
    • Care Package For... You
    • Succulent Skag Meat
    • Succulent Alpha Skag Meat
    • Succulent Flavored Skag Meat
  • Just as Chef Frank's words suggest, cactus fruit harvest may be conducted with any explosive measure "like a ground slams and grenades" not just The Big Succ's alternative fire mode.
    • Ground Slams may be performed by jumping from the protrusion onto a cactus.
  • During the first phase of this mission, a Frigid Badass Varkid or Voltaic Badass Varkid may be encountered at the Dahl's 3rd Brigade Memorial Dam and can pose a significant threat to low level Vault Hunters.

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