Accepting Mission

Lilith: I've found an old prototype of Angel's Chamber. We can't let that technology fall into the wrong hands. So I say we destroy it.


Reaching the chamber

Patricia Tannis: Lilith! Wonderful news. I've discovered a predecessor to Angel's chamber on Helios! Imagine what we could learn from it!

Lilith: I've already sent the Vault Hunter to destroy the chamber.

Patricia Tannis: Destroy it?! First you dent me a plant-monster army and now this?! No! I need the data from Jack's early experimentation on Angel for my Sirentology studies. And yes, that is a word I made up. But all words are made up, so hmph.

Lilith: You saw what happened to Angel, and to me. That information is too dangerous. We're going to destroy it. All of it. Keep going, Vault Hunter.

Lilith: The chamber should be just down there.

Entering the chamber

Patricia Tannis: Consider this, Lilith. The more we know about Sirens, the more we know about yourself. We still don't understand where these powers come from, or how they might manifest in the future. You of all people should see the value of that information.

Lilith: Hold that thought, we're not the first ones to find this place. Vault Hunter, clear out those soldiers!

Clearing the chamber

Lilith: See, Tannis? Hector already sent his engineers to check out the equipment. We can't let them get it!

Patricia Tannis: Fine! Do your worst. Just send me the data first! We cannot pass up this opportunity!

Lilith: (sigh) Fine. Vault Hunter, do it.

Uploading the data

Patricia Tannis: Receiving the data now...

Lilith: This place brings up a lot of bad memories. Even after Jack... after he tortured me, I can't imagine what Angel must have gone through. A caged bird. Her whole life. She could have been so much more.

Patricia Tannis: Mmmnh! So much data to analyze! Ah, delicious! Now, you may carry on with your smashing.

Lilith: Let's tear this place down. Good riddance.

Destroying the chamber

Hyperion Security: Unsafe Angel activity detected. Executing "Fallen Angel" failsafe protocol.

Patricia Tannis: Ah. I will work to resolve the issue. Stay alive!

Lilith: Vault Hunter, you've got bots coming your way!

Lilith: I knew I could count on you to get this done. Now come on back.

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