Sirentology is an optional mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed at Helios Fallen.


"Make sure Handsome Jack's siren technology doesn't fall into the wrong hands."



  • Find secret chamber
  • Hack the door
  • Enter chamber
  • Defeat the New Pandorans
  • Upload data to Tannis
  • Destroy console
  • Eliminate the Angelic Guards
  • Destroy circuits: 0/3
  • Leave chamber
  • Shut down the chamber


An abandoned prototype of Angel's holding chamber has been found in Helios Fallen and Lilith wants it destroyed to stop it from falling into the wrong hands. Follow the waypoint to a locked doorway off to the side of Loader Bay #24, which will now open. New Pandorans are already inside, so eliminate them immediately.

Tannis will call several times and insist that the data on sirens that Jack had collected be preserved. Despite some initial protests, Lilith will grudgingly agree. Activate the marked console to upload the data to Tannis and then destroy it, which will summon a group of Angelic Guards. Destroy them, then climb the ladders and catwalks to reach and destroy the circuit boards above the chamber. Once both tasks are done, leave the chamber and seal it shut. Return to Lilith at The Backburner to turn in.


"What's better than destroying things for a good cause? Nothing. That's what."

Turn In: Lilith

Mission Transcript

Main article: Sirentology/Transcript


  • This mission can be activated immediately after completing the story mission Shooting The Moon if Lilith is talked to before she teleports out of the Munitions Loading room. Otherwise, it is activated from her usual location in The Backburner.


  • DLC files contain an unused dialogue betwen Tannis and Lilith discussing when a siren manifests her powers for a first time. Lilith reveals that she was born with them, but Tannis finds that Angel weren't a siren until six years old.


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