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Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt is the third DLC released for Borderlands 2.

"Danger! Excitement! Mustaches! It's time for another episode of Vault Hunter Adventures, featuring Sir Hammerlock! In this week's tale, our hard-boiled heroes travel to the savage continent of Aegrus! Their goal? To uncover the most exotic creatures Pandora has to offer, and give 'em the old one-two!"

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt contains 5 main missions and 12 optional missions and takes place on a swamp/jungle continent named Aegrus.

A new vehicle is added to the game, which has been named the "fan boat." It is summoned from a Catch-A-Boat and has 69 customized skins. You can also have either a corrosive, incendiary or shock weapon mod on it.

Other features include:

New enemies:

New Bosses

Story bosses:



Professor Nakayama

Additional bosses:

Dexiduous the Invincible



Borderlands 2 - Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Launch Trailer

Borderlands 2 - Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Launch Trailer


Pre-Launch event

Prior to DLC launch, a special event took place from January 11 to 10:55AM CST / 4:55PM GMT on Saturday, January 12, from January 12 to 10:55AM CST/ 4:55 GMT on Sunday, January 13, from January 13 to 10:55AM CST/ 4:55 GMT on Monday, January 14, and from January 14 to 10:55AM CST/ 4:55 GMT on Tuesday January 15. During this event, drop rates have been increased; first was shotguns, then grenade mods, then sniper rifles, and finally Vermivorous The Invincible spawn rates.


  • This DLC's unique weaponry, including a few guns returning from Borderlands, has references to American history and to Roosevelt's love of hunting. This includes references to President Theodore Roosevelt, the military group "The Rough Riders" and the "Bull Moose" political party.
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