Sir Alistair Hammerlock is an NPC in Borderlands 2. He is a hunter who dresses in a ragged, futuristic version of a Victorian adventurer's outfit. The artificial appendages are prosthetics acquired as replacements for limbs lost during a particularly nasty encounter with a thresher named Old Slappy some years earlier. He is originally from the planet Hermes and is the younger brother of Aurelia.


Sir Hammerlock is the first friendly human encountered in Borderlands 2. He agrees to repair Claptrap's eye after the Vault Hunters clear out Liar's Berg, and then begins to send the Vault Hunters out on various research expeditions on the local fauna for his as yet unpublished almanac. He soon relocates to Sanctuary, where he continues to serve as a mission provider.

Hammerlock can also be seen among the patrons of the Badass Crater Bar, although he is comparatively inactive in this area.

He becomes a central figure in the third campaign DLC, Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, where he guides the Vault Hunters through their adventures on the continent of Aegrus. He is initially found at a hidden camp site in Hunter's Grotto, before taking up residence in the Aegrus Sophisticates' Lodge.




  • "Salutations, Vault Hunter! I've a job for you -- meet me in Sanctuary, and we shall get down to business!"

New mission available

  • "Hello, mercenary person! I have money, and a problem."
  • "Greetings! Do you feel you have too many bullets but not enough money?"
  • "Hello! Things need to be shot, and by jove, you're the one to shoot them!"

No new missions available

  • "Regrettably, I cannot hire you to exterminate things. Perhaps later."
  • "No new work at the moment, I'm afraid."
  • "I'm sorry. No jobs for you right now."

During an active mission

  • "So, how goes the gunsmanship?"
  • "Ah! Still working on that little favor of mine, I presume?"
  • "Are you still working on that job I gave you? Yes, no?"

Mission turn in

  • "Ah, I knew my faith was not misplaced!"
  • "Please, tell me of your success!"
  • "Finished the job, have you? Wonderful."

While idle

  • "I'm sorry. Should I pay you up front? Not terribly well-versed in mercenary relations, I'm afraid."
  • "I see you're admiring one of my many scars! Yes, I've seen my fair share of danger -- the odd skag ambush here, a stalker mauling there. Really gives one an appreciation for the creatures of this planet. And a hateful desire to wipe them all out."
  • "You need not hesitate, friend: I assure you, you will be fully credited in the dedication page of my almanac once it is published. To... your name, it will say, without whom this book would not be as incredibly well-written and popular as it is, and whose refusal of any and all subsequent royalties for their part in the book's production was very much appreciated. It'll be a very long page."
  • "Your continued efforts against Handsome Jack are an inspiration! Had I still the constitution for it, I'd be right alongside you on the battlefield."
  • "I'm still trying to decide on cover art for my almanac. I'm torn between a oil painted image of myself, leaping over a bullymong with a rifle in one hand and a book in the other, or the same image, except the bullymong is also exploding. Decisions, decisions."
  • "I remember when my father first brought me to Pandora. I was six years old, and had used colorful language in polite company. Father thought it proper to abandon me here for a month to teach me the error of my ways. It was rough going at first, but after I throttled my twentieth skag into submission, I grew to enjoy the place."
  • "How are things, anyway? Still fighting the good fight, as it were?"
  • "I must say, you Vault Hunters are of considerable interest of me. I shall have to write a book on you one day. Hunting the Vault Hunters I shall call it, by Sir Hammerlock. And beneath that will be an image of you and I high-fiving over Handsome Jack's corpse. It'll be lovely."
  • "Are you admiring my hat? If not, you should be."
  • "Indecision, ho!"

Unrelated mumblings

  • "I say!"
  • "Quite interesting, that."
  • "What's all this, then?"
  • "What rubbish."
  • "Ha-HA!"
  • "There are an awful lot of bosoms around here."
  • "This may be the most raucous public house I've ever been to."
  • "What on earth is that smell? Anyone -- anyone smell that? No? Just me. Right."
  • "Excuse me, madam! You, with the makeup -- could I have some lager, please? Completely ignored. Wonderful."
  • "Is that Moxxi woman staring at me again? Fancies me, I fear. Poor girl's barking up the wrong tree."

Radio commercials

  • "Sir Hammerlock speaking! Hunter. Gentleman. Grower of fine mustaches. I've an offer for you -- if you buy my ten-volume almanac, which details the various deadly creatures of Pandora, you'll live longer. Simple, eh? No rush, of course -- I'm still doing research for the book and thus it won't come out for another few months, but it's never too early to start word of mouth, I say!"
  • "Tired of being partially devoured by skags? Sick of not knowing how to stop a rampaging stalker in its tracks? Then you need to pre-order The Beasts of Pandora, by Sir Hammerlock. (That's me!) Inside my book, you'll learn how to extricate yourself from any sticky situation, regardless of what flora or fauna is responsible for said stickiness. Remember, that's The Beasts of Pandora, by Sir Hammerlock! If you don't buy it, you'll die!"
  • "A hypothetical scenario for all you adventurers out there. A stalker has you cornered, and unarmed. What do you do? Now, if you'd pre-ordered a copy of my almanac, The Beasts of Pandora, you'd know to stab the stalker through the soft underside of its skull. Alternately, you could use the book's considerable weight to physically stun the stalker before making good your escape. It's a very versatile tome, you see. The Beasts of Pandora, by Sir Hammerlock -- available for pre-order now!"
  • "Hi ho, children! Sir Hammerlock here, just reminding you of the incredible pre-order bonuses I'm offering for my almanac, The Beasts of Pandora. If you pre-order now, I'll throw in a limited edition making of pamphlet, which mainly consists of photographs of me, looking incredibly bored at my writing desk. But that's not all -- I'm also offering an exclusive cover for the book, which is slightly different from the regular cover in that it is inscribed with the words, I pre-ordered this book before it came out and am therefore demonstrably more wealthy than you in large, neon-colored letters. Order now!"
  • "Do you live on Pandora? Do you love danger? Are you capable of reading? If you answered yes to two of the three preceding questions, then you need to pre-order The Beasts of Pandora by Sir Hammerlock. It's chock-full of vital information on the various deadly creatures of Pandora, and if you're not interested in, say, words, you can always stare at the hellishly gory pictures I've sprinkled throughout the almanac. Pre-order now!"

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

New mission available

  • "I've tracked down a new beast for you!"
  • "Up for another hunt?"
  • "I've found a new quarry! As in prey, not as in, mineral excavation."

No new missions available

  • "Nothing for you at the moment, I'm afraid."
  • "I may have something for you later."
  • "I'm out of quarries at the moment. Apologies!"

During an active mission

  • "Still on the hunt, are you?"
  • "How goes the hunt?"
  • "Doing well, I hope?"

While idle

  • "Everything... everything all right?"
  • "Ahem-hem."
  • "Should we be talking about something right now? Sports, perhaps? Particular social or racial groups we're mildly uncomfortable around? I'm rather new to this bonding exercise, as it were."

Unrelated mumblings

  • "Marvelous. Simply marvelous."
  • "Mmmm, smell that fresh air -- makes one want to shoot things in the face multiple times, eh?"
  • "So nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Sanctuary for a little while."
  • "(relaxed sigh)"
  • "Oh, that's awful."


  • A pamphlet titled, "Sir Hammerlock's Field Guide", is packaged in the Ultimate Loot Chest edition of Borderlands 2.
  • According to an article published by game designer Anthony Burch, Sir Hammerlock is canonically homosexual. This clarifies lore in Borderlands 2, where Sir Hammerlock first mentions having a boyfriend in the late Taggart, and subsequent references to it are made in downloadable and promotional content.
  • Gaige has a crush on Sir Hammerlock, which she mentions in Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre.
  • After Sanctuary gets relocated, his name changes from Sir Hammerlock, to just Hammerlock when sighted in gun crosshairs.
  • As stated in the quotes of his sister Aurelia, Sir Hammerlocks first name is "Alistair".