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Silent Resolve is a Tier One talent in Lilith's Assassin skill tree. It increases the Siren's damage Resistance for a few seconds after exiting Phasewalk.


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Damage Resistance
After Phasewalk
+50% +100% +150% +200% +250% +300% +350% +400% +450%
Effective Damage Reduction +33% +50% +60% +67% +71% +75% +78% +80% +81%

Pre-update values

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Damage Reduction
After Phasewalk
+14% +28% +42% +56% +70% +84% +98% +112% +126%


Silent Resolve is a useful skill for play styles involving combat in close quarters with enemies. It severely diminishes the need to take cover immediately after Phasewalking, and helps when clearing out tightly packed groups of dangerous enemies. It lasts approximately 7 seconds.


  • The in-game talent description says, "Increases your resistance to damage for a few seconds after Phasewalk," and below that "+14% Damage Reduction" for each point in the talent, leading to some confusion because of the difference between "damage resistance" and "damage reduction."
  • Originally, Silent Resolve gave 14% damage reduction per rank, so that a player with p points in the talent dealt d damage would take d*(1-0.14p) damage. However, this was problematic not only in that it confusingly used a different mechanic from similar skills like Roland's Grit, but also in that it caused exponentially increasing returns in survivability, to the point that 8 points in the talent would make Lilith invulnerable. Thus the mechanic behind Silent Resolve was changed to 50% damage resistance per rank, so that with p points in the talent, Lilith dealt d damage takes d/(1+0.50p) damage. This comes out nearly the same (actually a slight improvement) at five points, but gives more of an advantage than previously to having less than five points, while removing the possibility for invulnerability. The in-game skill description however was not changed.

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