The Silent Night is a legendary sniper rifle manufactured by Gearbox.

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Special Weapon Effects

It knows when you're awake – +800% Critical Hit Damage.

Usage & Description

The Silent Night has the capability to deal huge damage thanks to having the highest critical hit bonus in the game. However, the Silent Night has a small magazine, cannot have an element and its generally average stats mean that it can struggle to keep up with alternatives. The Silent Night also has fixed parts, meaning that its stats cannot be improved through better parts.

The Silent Night benefits most from skills or items that further improve its already massive critical hit damage such as Mordecai's Deadly or a Sniper COM or skills that improve its small magazine size such as Roland's Overload or a Heavy Gunner COM.


  • The Silent Night is exclusive to the GOTY Enhanced edition of Borderlands. It is obtainable from any loot source and Crawmerax the Invincible.
  • Any new character created in Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition will have two of the six legendary weapons exclusive to Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition, chosen at random.
  • Along with the other 5 weapons added in with the Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition, the Silent Night has a 1/6 chance to spawn in the middle chest that spawns in The Vault after killing The Destroyer.
  • All of the six legendaries added to Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition are able to drop from the golden chest in fyrestone




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