Silence the Voices is a tier 5 skill in Krieg's Mania skill tree. It significantly increases Krieg's melee damage but also gives him a chance to melee attack himself.


  • +50% melee damage per rank.
  • Static 12% chance to melee attack yourself.
Level 1 2 3 4 5
+50% +100% +150% +200%+250%
Chance to Attack Yourself +12% +12% +12% +12%+12%
Level 6 7 8 9 10 11
+300% +350% +400% +450% +500%+550%
Chance to Attack Yourself +12% +12% +12% +12% +12%+12%

Can only leveled past 5 with Sickle and Legendary Sickle class mods.


  • Fitting to Krieg’s style of “risk and reward,” Silence the Voices grants massive melee damage, with a chance to inflict that large damage back at him.
  • Upon striking himself, a brief animation will play, halting any other actions, and he will hit himself.
    • When Krieg takes damage from it, vision will briefly sway with a light pink and white filter around the edges of the screen.
  • Krieg hits himself with his buzz axe even while equipped with a bladed weapon. As during Buzz Axe Rampage, the weapon's increase to melee damage does not affect the melee attack to self through Silence the Voices.
  • Moxxi weapons will heal Krieg for a portion of the damage done to himself with this skill. This can easily be observed when his health is below full and a shield takes all of the damage. Additionally, without shielding these weapons will decrease damage taken by the percentage of health they return (34,580 without Rubi, 30,430 with it)
  • The damage done to self depends on Krieg's base melee damage and bonus grenade damage, including any melee and grenade damage bonuses from Badass Rank. Bonuses to melee damage, including those from levels in this skill, Empty the Rage, the presence of a Sickle class mod, or Roid bonuses from a depleted Maylay Shield, do not increase the self-damage. Any bonus to grenade damage, for example Fuel the Blood, does increase the self-damage.
  • When Krieg is in Buzz Axe Rampage or Release the Beast, throwing the buzz axe will receive a bonus from this skill but without the penalty of the chance for Krieg to hit himself.
  • Krieg can still hit himself while Crippled, although this does not have any effect.
  • Due to the fact that health does not scale throughout the OP levels, but melee damage does, the damage done by Silence the Voices will be a huge portion of Krieg's health.


  • Borderlands 2 Creative Director attributes this skill's self-damage to the "psycho side" of Krieg fighting back against his "hero side," striking himself about the head to silence the inner voice.
    • Some quotes include “STOP HITTING YOURSELF” and “GET OUTTA MY HEAD” upon striking himself, aruging with his inner self.
  • If Krieg hits himself with a regular melee attack, he will hit himself with his left hand. If he hits himself during Buzz Axe Rampage, it will be his right hand.

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