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Siege of Castle Crimson is the second story mission in the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck downloadable content (DLC) add-on for Borderlands 3.


"To enter the vaulted halls of Vaulthalla, you'll need to find three keys in Krieg's twisted memories. The first one's a bloody mess, and there are probably more pleasant places to start, but you may as well get to the meat of the matter."



  • Enter memory
  • Open chest
  • Open door
  • Talk to Psycho Krieg
  • Find flesh horn
  • Blow flesh Horn
  • Watch meat castle
  • Assault meat castle
    • Find catapult
    • Aim catapult
    • Fire catapult
    • Find second catapult
      • Defeat Mordecai
      • Defeat Brick
      • Get skag chops (3)
      • Return to second catapult
    • Feed goliath
    • Feed goliath again
    • Feed goliath one more time
    • Get explosives
    • Stick explosives in neck hole
    • Aim second catapult
    • Fire second catapult
    • Shoot down moon
    • Get the moon
    • Go to third catapult
    • Aim catapult
    • Crank catapult
    • Load moon into catapult
    • Fire catapult
  • Enter castle
  • Reach buzz-axe
  • Defeat Evil Lilith
  • Enter door
  • Pick up buzz-axe
  • Return to The Psychoscape
  • Talk to Sane Krieg
  • Place buzz-axe




  • Mission items:
    • Skag Chop - Does a body good. Except for all the intestinal parasites.
    • Explosives - Spoiler alert: These explode.
    • The Moon - Sure, why not?
    • Golden Buzz-Axe

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