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Shugguraths are large bulbous flying cephalopods with tentacle-like limbs that are native to Elpis, specifically to Triton Flats. They spawn in various elements and act as hives, spawning Rathyds of their same element.

It is recommended to fight Shugguraths in a vehicle, as the additional firepower helps in taking down both the mother Shuggurath and its spawned Rathyds. Shugguraths, however, become more aggressive when attacked by a vehicle, and are more likely to use their deadlier attacks. Fighting Shugguraths on foot is possible, but their highly damaging attacks makes it significantly more difficult.

Shuggurath Types

Notable Shugguraths


  • Each elemental variety of Shuggurath typically only appears at set points throughout Triton Flats:
    • Shugguraths and Badass Shugguraths typically appear near Burraburra and Lunar Junction.
    • Energized Shugguraths appear at three different locations positioned on all major routes to and from the Triton Flats Fast Travel station.
    • Toxic Shugguraths typically appear near So Much Serenity and the entrance to Crisis Scar that is manned by SC4V-TP.
    • Shugguraths of Ice typically appear near The Grabba.
    • Spectral Shugguraths typically appear near Lunar Junction.


  • The name "Shuggurath" is a reference to the Lovecraftian deity Shub-Niggurath
    • In the Lovecraftian mythos, Shub Niggurath is also known as the "mother of a thousand young", Shugguraths in-game also reference that as they spawn Rathyds continuously.