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A Defense and Damage shrine.

Shrines are small relic-shaped elements commonly found throughout Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They provide different boosts, such as increased movement speed, ammo regeneration and increased melee damage. It costs 2 Eridium to activate a shrine. They appear as if on fire, and the color of the flame varies with the type of Shrine.

Multiple Shrine buffs can be stacked on a character simultaneously. They have a cooldown of 90 seconds after usage, during which they become inactive. All effects last 20 seconds.

Shrine Variants[]

  • Ammo Shrine - Ammo regeneration. All ammo types, except rockets, are regenerated at a rate of 4% of maximum ammo capacity per second. Does not regenerate grenades.
  • Defense Shrine - Health regeneration, at a rate of 4% of maximum health per second.
  • Melee Shrine - Increased melee damage.
  • Damage Shrine - Increased bullet damage.
  • Speed Shrine - Increased movement speed.


  • Shrine effects are also given randomly by Pixies, without the 2 Eridium fee.