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Shredder is the title of a group of combat Shotguns with an increased projectile count of +2, meaning 11 pellets in total are released every blast.

Examples are on the talk page.

Usage and Description[]

Overall, Shredders are used like Matadors. However, they systematically have less damage than a matador (11 projectiles vs 12), and more spread. Furthermore, since all Shredders also qualify for the Matador title, they are overall inferior weapons.

The only exception are the Jakobs Material 2 Shotguns, with increased accuracy: They are the only Shredder shotguns that wouldn't qualify for the Matador title.


Shredders get their effect from the Title_Projectiles1_Shredder Title, which is granted from the barrel2_Shredder. The barrel is no different from a classic barrel2, only the title has any effect on the weapon. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Title_Projectiles1_Shredder Title_HighSpread1_Scattergun Title_HighSpread2_Matador
Projectile Count: +2
Spread: +15%
Projectile Count: +30% (+2) Projectile Count: +35% (+3)
Fire Rate: +25%