For the mission of the same name, see Showdown (mission).

Showdown is Nisha's Action Skill, giving her the ability to take down multiple enemies in a short burst of extremely accurate gunfire.


  • Gun Damage: +42%
  • Fire Rate: +25%
  • Reload Speed: +125%
  • Accuracy: +15%
  • Bullet Speed: +50%

Pressing the Skill key washes out the game visuals to 'sepia-tone' colors, and brings up the Showdown timer. During this time, Nisha automatically aims at targets she is facing. Holding down [LT/L2/Mouse-2] and flicking the [Right stick/Mouse] causes her to quickly cycle between targets.

During this time, the significant bonuses listed are applied until Showdown is over. However, sniper rifles and rocket launchers do not benefit from the damage bonus of Showdown; every other effect still applies. Showdown has a base duration of 6 seconds.


When Showdown is triggered, Nisha will lock on to nearby targets, providing automatic aim. The auto-aim doesn't take into account critical hit locations however, opting instead to target an enemy's 'center mass', unless sighting down the gun sights in which case the critical points are targeted instead. Each time a target is eliminated, a new target is automatically selected. They can also be cycled manually.

In general, weapons that have high damage and fire rate but low accuracy and high recoil benefit the most from this skill, as the automatic lock on ability negates their negative effects. Unless Nisha is using Tediore guns, the reload speed bonus from this skill is of somewhat lesser importance compared to other bonuses, as the ability to burst damage easily outweighs the benefit from quick reloading. Reloading before skill activation helps to avoid wasting valuable time during Showdown's short duration.

Despite its strengths in targeting and damaging enemies, Showdown also has a few flaws. One is that it does not distinguish between harmless enemy targets and hostile targets, therefore harmless destructible mission-specific objects, for example, will be treated as enemies and become unwanted targets to cycle through. Showdown also does not discriminate against targets that are hidden behind indestructible objects, thereby resulting in potential unwanted distractions during a shoot out where there is plentiful cover.


  • Tediore weapons can benefit from this skill's high reload speed, making them even more powerful reload-grenades, at the cost of more ammunition.
  • Bullet speed and reload speed are particularly powerful when paired with rockets, where projectile speed and reload times are the greatest weakness.

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