Shorty is a midget that the Vault Hunters are assigned to kill by Scooter in the optional mission, Swallowed Whole.


Shorty defaced one of Scooter's Catch-a-Ride systems, despite Scooter admitting he lets others and himself do it occasionally. He was hiding out in the Fridge, until he was devoured by a powerful stalker called Sinkhole.


Because of the stalker's very slow digestive system, Shorty remained alive. Sinkhole must be killed before the Vault Hunters can reach Shorty. He is visible from within Sinkhole, even when he is cloaked. This makes fighting Sinkhole a much easier task.



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  • Once Sinkhole is dead, Shorty will emerge from the stalker's corpse, with an excited "I am alive!" Once he is killed, Shorty will groan disappointedly.

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