Shooting The Moon is the fifth story mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed, starting at The Backburner and continuing in Dahl Abandon, The Burrows, and Helios Fallen.


"You've taken down the Hyperion security gate and cleared out the Hyperion reinforcements. The way is clear to the remains of Helios."



  • Enter Helios Fallen
  • Find the Moonshot cannon
    • Destroy hacked Loader bots: 0/25
  • Clear the robot factory
  • Find explosives: 0/2
  • Find stabilizer fins: 0/2
  • Return to Tina
  • Load explosives: 0/2
  • Attach stabilizer fins: 0/2
  • Find power core
  • Defeat Uranus
  • Pull power core out of Uranus
  • Return to Tina
  • Insert butt-core in bomb
  • Arm the cannon
    • + Let Tina arm the cannon
  • Follow Tina
  • FIRE!


After clearing the way to the wreck of Helios with Brick, the Vault Hunters proceed into the station. The first area after the Fast Travel station, Hellion Hole, consists of infected bandits and New Pandora soldiers. The next area has an elevator guarded by New Pandora soldiers and hacked loaders. Caution is recommended in dealing with the soldiers as they can spawn with E-tech weapons and/or a shield.

After using the elevator, New Pandora snipers, medics and hacked loaders will be found in Loader Bay #24.

After meeting up with Lilith and Tina, the explosives for the bomb are found in the Maintenance Corridor with several hacked loaders and a Core Defense turret being encountered. The stabilizer fins are found in The Hold with more hacked loaders being present.

After assembling the collected parts, Tina requires a power core to be salvaged from The Arsenal. When the area is approached, Uranus appears and has to be fought to obtain the power core. Uranus has 6 attacks - shock turrets, homing drones, an electrical cannon, a rocket barrage, incendiary turrets, and a close-range stomp. Loaders will appear during the fight and can be used for a Second Wind. Ample cover is provided and corrosive weapons are recommended for the fight.

When the power core has been loaded into the bomb and the cannon is armed, Tina and Lilith will move to Fire Control Alpha to witness the launch of the bomb. The mission can be turned in when the blast door to Mt. Scarab Research Center is destroyed.


"You blasted down the door to Cassius' lab! You can practically smell the antidote already, but you probably shouldn't sniff random things in a lab."

Turn In: Lilith

Mission Transcript

Main article: Shooting The Moon/Transcript


  • Text on the mission items reads:
    • Explosives – "AKA Exposivos, AKA that good boom stuff, AKA splodey-splodey hurt box."
    • Stabilizer Fin – "Stable fin for an unstable mind."
    • Power Core – "You pulled this out of Uranus."
  • Uranus will not respawn until the Vault Hunters turn in the mission and leave Helios. Saving and quitting will not bypass this restriction.



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