Shoot This Guy in the Face is an optional mission in Thousand Cuts.



"Shoot Face McShooty in his face."
  • Shoot McShooty in the face
  • ...but not in the arm
  • ...but not in the leg
  • ...but not in the chest


Face McShooty is found on a ledge by Broke Face Bridge demanding to be shot in the face. Once spoken to, and the mission is accepted, he will be marked as an enemy, but will not attack. The only thing left to do is to shoot him in the face.


"You shot him in the face."

Turn In: Face McShooty


  • If he is left alone, he will go on a long rant on how he hasn't been shot in the face yet.
  • If he is shot anywhere else, he won't take damage, and will complain about how it wasn't his face.
  • Completion of this mission completes the "Well That Was Easy" achievement/trophy.
  • This mission is worth 3 points toward the Compl33tionist challenge, provided Face McShooty is not shot in the arm, leg, or chest.
  • There is currently a bug in the console versions where after completing the mission, the player's view will be zoomed in to such a degree that normal play is extremely difficult. This can be solved by looking at the Video options in the pause menu, and then unpausing.
  • Hitting him with a melee attack, both in the face or somewhere else, will not cause any damage.
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