Shiny Grogs are a very rare species of Saurian. They are native to Eden-6, but mostly appear in the Wayward Tether.


Shiny Grogs resemble Pollygrogs, but are closer in size to Grogs. They have an increased chance to drop rare loot, similar to a Thieving Jabber or a Loot Tink.



  • Shiny Grogs are small and agile. They will usually run up to the Vault Hunter and then leap as it gets closer, but may leap from any distance.
  • Shiny Grogs have a trail of 2 yellow lines following their tail, making them easier to spot
  • Shiny Grogs have the following attacks:
    • Leap - leaps toward the Vault Hunter, creating a radiation puddle and cloud when it lands.
    • Bite - used within melee range.
    • Pounce - used within melee range.
    • Tail swing - a 360° swing of its tail, knocking back the Vault Hunter.
    • Radiation spit - spits a small ball of radiation that creates a massive radiation explosion and puddle.
  • Shiny Grogs resist radiation damage.


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