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Shiny Grogs are a very rare species of Saurian. They are native to Eden-6, but mostly appear in the Wayward Tether.


Shiny Grogs resemble Pollygrogs, but are closer in size to Grogs. They have an increased chance to drop rare loot, similar to a Thieving Jabber or a Loot Tink.



Shiny Grogs are small and agile. They will usually run up to the Vault Hunter and then leap as it gets closer, but may leap from any distance. Shiny Grogs have a trail of 2 yellow lines following their tail, making them easier to spot

Shiny Grogs have the following attacks:

  • Leap - leaps toward the Vault Hunter, creating a radiation puddle and cloud when it lands.
  • Bite - used within melee range.
  • Pounce - used within melee range.
  • Tail swing - a 360° swing of its tail, knocking back the Vault Hunter.
  • Radiation spit - spits a small ball of radiation that creates a massive radiation explosion and puddle.

Shiny Grogs resist radiation damage.