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Shielded Favors is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 that requires players to acquire an improved shield from an abandoned shop in Southern Shelf.



"If you're gonna survive out here, you'll need a better shield."
  • Use elevator
  • Find fuse
  • Run through the fence (optional)
  • Destroy fuse box (hidden unless shields and health deplete due to electric fence)
  • Plug in fuse
  • Pull lever
  • Purchase shield


The shield shop is located in the Southern Shelf harbor at the top room of an isolated shack. The elevator to reach the upper levels has a blown fuse however, and a suitable replacement fuse can be found in a nearby fuse box protected by an electric fence. The area is guarded by several bandits, and there are bullymongs beyond the fence that have an awareness range extending as far as the fuse box. They can be killed through the fence before the fence is disabled.


"You got a new shield! If it works, your life on Pandora will be much easier. If it doesn't work, you'll find out REALLY quick."

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock



  • If a Vault Hunter repeatedly tries to go through the electrical field before the fuse box is shot, Angel will make suggestions to shoot the fuse box, and to ignore Claptrap's advice.

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