Shield of Ages is a unique turtle shield manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained from the mission The Temple of Boom located in Subconscious, by giving the design code to Gladsone.

Special Shield Effects

A shield for the ages. – Increased shield capacity. All parts are fixed.


  • The fixed parts consist of an Anshin body, an Anshin battery and a Pangolin capacitor.
  • The shield capacity exceeds that of a Fabled Tortoise of the same level. The recharge delay, rate, and max health reduction are also better and the shield does not have the Fabled Tortoise's movement speed reduction (or bonus, when depleted). The only advantage the Fabled Tortoise has is that it can spawn with a Torgue capacitor, granting explosive damage resistance.
  • While branded as a Hyperion shield, it has the same properties of a Pangolin shield with a penalty to max health.
  • This shield has high synergy with skills that allow for instantaneous percent-based shield regeneration, such as Nisha's Bottled Courage and the 3DD1.E oz kit.
  • Before patch 1.0.7, this shield was erroneously skinned with a texture more suitable for blue Maliwan weapons.
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