Sheega's All That is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.

Hey. YO! Tina's sexy-exy won't give her back her pet, Enrique IV!
— In-game description


"While she was off on Eden-6, Tina left her pet skag, Enrique IV, with her ex-girlfriend, Sheega. But now Sheega won't give him back! Tina thinks Sheega is just having real bad sad times so you should go brighten her day!"



  • Take decorations
  • Go to Sheega's
  • Place decorations: 0/5
  • Ring doorbell
  • Kill Skags
  • Melee a decoration
  • Search cages for Enrique IV
  • Feed Enrique IV
  • Kill Sheega
  • Open back gate
  • Return to Tina


  • After opening the back gate, there is an eridian loot chest to the right.

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