Sharing is Caring is a Tier 6 Action Skill Upgrade in Gaige's Best Friends Forever skill tree. Learning this skill will cause Deathtrap to be summoned with an exact copy of whatever shield is equipped on a mechromancer, and will provide the same bonuses/effects. Included in these kinds of effects are buffs such as "Roid" damage found on Bandit Maylay Shields and the Love Thumper, allowing Deathtrap to do huge damage at the cost of protection.

Special Skill Text

"Thousand of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened."


  • Spike, Nova, Roid, and Booster shields all convey the same capabilities they would have when equipped on a character.
  • Deathtrap keeps whatever shield Gaige has when he is summoned until he expires or dies. Players can summon him and then switch shields in order to use a separate shield from Deathtrap.
  • When Deathtrap has Sharing is Caring, Vault Hunters can no longer easily walk or pass through him as parts of his body become a physical obstruction.
  • The 1340 Shield will still talk even when Deathtrap is taking damage.
  • Deathtrap has an unlisted 40% boost to Roid Damage from Maylay Shields.


  • The special skill text is a quote from Siddhārtha Gautama, a spiritual teacher and the founder of Buddhism.
  • Taking this skill adds a sawblade as a cockscomb and a yellow biker-like mask to Deathtrap's head; and glowing green lights all over its body.

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