Shadow of the Seraphs is a Seraph Relic manufactured by the Eridians that appears in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Shadow of the Seraphs can only be obtained from trading with the Seraph Vendor in Flamerock Refuge.

Special Effects

A Shadow is a copy of self, only shadier. – Every time you fire a gun you have a chance to fire twice.

Usage & Description

When equipped, Shadow of the Seraphs gives the Vault Hunter Zer0's Tw0 Fang effect, giving each fire of a weapon a chance to result in an immediate second shot. This second shot is treated as a normal firing of the weapon, and will both consume ammo and cause recoil.

The effect of Shadow of the Seraphs is not just functionally identical to Tw0 Fang, it is the same effect. Importantly, this means that the double-fire chance added by Shadow of the Seraphs stacks with that of Tw0 Fang, rather than operating independently. With a level 62 version of the relic and an appropriate Rogue or Unparalleled Professional class mod, it is possible to attain a 100% chance of firing twice.

Because it is the same effect, all conditions which apply to Tw0 Fang also apply to Shadow of the Seraphs. This includes the limitation on high fire rate weapons: weapons with an effective fire rate at or above 10.0 will not trigger a second shot. This includes weapons which have a fire rate below 10.0 which has been boosted by skills or other bonuses.[1]

Conversely, it can be used to get past the slow fire rates of guns such as the Rex , Damned Cowboy , and Elephant Gun, as it fires 2 shots immediately one after the other, regardless of fire rate. This can be particulalrly useful when combined with Zero's Tw0 Fang skill, as described above.


  • This is effectively Zer0's skill Tw0 Fang embodied in a relic. Notably, the chance to fire a second shot will be added to the chance granted by Tw0 Fang, making it possible to achieve a 100% chance to fire twice with an appropriate class mod and relic.
  • The relic's effect will also trigger with rocket launchers, making them much more deadly. Launchers with small magazines have a chance to empty the entire magazine with a single pull of the trigger, and, with powerful launchers such as the Norfleet, this can result in impressive damage in a very short time.


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