Shade is an NPC introduced in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.


Shade has gone insane due to loneliness and dehydration, to the point of posing the corpses of former townsfolk and attaching loudspeakers to them for companionship. Shade will start the main story mission chain of the DLC and provides side missions throughout the story. He believes the Vault Hunters are extremely cool, and often tries to get them to stay in Oasis.

His missions revolve around interacting with the townsfolk of Oasis, specifically denying that anyone in town is dead. He either ignores errors in the pre-recorded ECHO tapes that provide the townsfolk with their dialogue or incorporates them into his psychosis; when "Frank's" ECHO tape declares "Tape corrupted," he accuses Frank of being so drunk that he is speaking "the gibberish."

Following the events of Borderlands 2, Shade moves to Prosperity Junction to take over his grandfather's run-down museum/collection of antiquities. He introduces Rhys to August so the former can buy a Vault key for ten million dollars. Later, while Fiona tries to sneak in on the deal, Shade greets her in the vent, and asks to tag along. Should Fiona agree, Shade will watch over the deal with her, and later help Fiona stall August to escape. If not, Shade will later show up when Bossanova and Zer0 crash the place, and end up getting shot by August in place of Sasha.



New mission available
"Much work for you today, my friend!"
"Many jobs for you."
"Oasis needs your help, my friend!"

During an active mission
"How goes the jobby thing?"
"Working hard, yes? Yes?"
"Thank you so much for helping me out."

No new missions
"No work today. But that doesn't mean we can't hang out, right?"
"Well, this is awkward, heh-heh! I have no jobs for you. But I do have a checkerboard. And cards. And parcheesi. And many pre-selected topics of conversation. And hugs."
"No jobs. Sorry!"

While idle
"I enjoy spending this quality time with you."
"Are we doing a staring contest? I will win. I am super-good at staring."
"Please don't leave. I'm lonely."

Unrelated mumblings
"(sigh of relief)"
"Sure is great to be in such a lively town!"
"That is something."
"Come on! Come! ON!"

Ready to turn in
"You? You are a badass."
"You finished that task? Wonderful."
"Ooh, ready to turn that in?"


  • Shade appears to be suffering from extreme dehydration. This is evident by his dry cracked lips, exposed teeth, and apparent delirium.
  • Shade's appearance is based on sports writer and author Hunter S. Thompson, whose iconic look, most notably from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," is comprised of a floral Hawaiian-style shirt, Khaki shorts, a fisherman's hat, aviator sun-glasses and a cigarette holder (replaced with a bottle rocket).

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