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Serenity's Waste is a location in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Points of Interest[]

Celestial Beltway[]

Ozless Harbor[]

Ozless Harbor is the location of the Serenity's Waste Fast Travel, and is also a base of operations for Janey Springs. Vending machines offer basic trade facilities, and a Moon Zoomy station becomes available for supplying transportation.

Pyroclast Grotto[]

Pyroclast Grotto is an expansive cavern, mostly filled with lava. The access point is a tunnel mouth at the top of a lava fall, just West of the Fast Travel station, that can be reached in the low gravity environment by jumping (Stingrays cannot be jumped into the tunnel). There is a hole in the floor of the short tunnel providing access to the grotto itself. The only way out of the grotto, besides exiting the game, is by riding an air blast up the hole used to enter the grotto. This air blast is revealed by smashing a rock near the middle of the cavern.



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