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A Sera Guardian is an aerial form of Guardian, pink and greyish-green in colour, that levitates high in the air during combat. Most frequently they are encountered in Crimson Enclave, The Descent, and Eridian Promontory.



Preferring to keep their distance, Sera Guardians attack with an accurate, steady stream of energy, or a barrage of small energy blasts which distort the victims' view. They are capable of dealing significant damage if ignored, yet have weaker health and shields than their ground-based siblings. It should be noted that the energy stream they fire is pre-empted by a brief targeting beam; although it does no damage, it is a good indication to take cover. Another thing that should be noted about their pulse beam attack is its relatively low aim, focusing on the area of a character's lower body. This makes it possible to take cover behind a low rock or obstacle and fire over it at the Sera Guardian, while its return-fire fails to hit.


  • They usually perch on pillars or archways like gargoyles, but only when unprovoked or otherwise unaware of an interloper. If not, they're likely on-wing and raining energy fire down on their enemies.
  • They have fairly stout shields, but relatively low health, making it advisable to use shock elemental weaponry on them if at all possible.
  • Mordecai's Trespass skill can easily kill them by bypassing their shields and damaging their frail bodies.
  • They do not seem to count towards the Guardian killing challenges, which could be one explanation of why they do not appear in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. [citation needed]