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Sellout is a legendary pistol in Borderlands 3 that is manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained from the mission Sell Out located in Ambermire, if the character chooses to kill themself.
As of July 23, 2020 hotfix it can also be purchased for eridium in the Veteran Rewards Machine just outside of Crazy Earl’s door on Sanctuary III, once the mission is completed, no matter which way it was.

Special Weapon Effects

Hey there, superfan! – Always incendiary and corrosive. No charge time. Fires three shots at the cost of three ammo, with a small splash damage radius. While equipped, voice lines from Tyreen Calypso are played periodically.

Usage & Description

The Sellout has extremely high elemental effect chance and overall decent stats. It is a useful legendary for lower level characters on the first playthrough, as most enemies do not yet have shields and it can be easily obtained at the arguably negligible price of death. It is similar to the Hellshock, but with corrosive damage instead of shock.

The recoil is quite harsh, meaning it is best fired in short, controlled bursts.



  • “Like, follow, and obey.”
  • “I’m bored, hurry up and die already.”
  • “Ha, sellout.”
  • “Never forget, you’re a gun-slut!”
  • “Biiiiitch, bitch, bitch, biiiiiiiitch.”
  • “Shame this is as close as you’ll ever get to me.”
  • “Selloooooout!”
  • “Always remember that you're a gun-slut, and you will never be clean.”

Switching weapons

  • “Come kill this turd farmer!”
  • “Gun-Queen Tyreen here, coming to you live from the hands of this asshole!”
  • “Gun-slut for sale! Gun-slut for sale!”
  • “Vault thief here!”

Getting a kill

  • “What a hero.”
  • "You did a thing!"
  • "Have you been practicing? It barely shows."
  • "Wow! You're amazing!" (snicker)
  • “Wow! You actually hit something!”
  • “You’re a natural! Said no one ever...”
  • “Nice shooting super fan!”
  • "Ay bendito!"


  • “Awww did you run out of bullets?”
  • "Lame!"
  • "Have you considered... Not sucking?"
  • “Quick! While they’re reloading!”
  • “Super bitch!”
  • “Mega-bitch.”
  • “Turbo bitch! How are you so bad at this?!”