Sellout is a legendary pistol in Borderlands 3 that is manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained from the mission Sell Out located in Ambermire, if the player chooses to kill themself.

Special Weapon Effects

Hey there, superfan! – Always incendiary and corrosive. No charge time. While equipped, voice lines from Tyreen Calypso are played periodically.

Usage & Description

When paired with Amara while utilizing an Elemental Projector relic with a build specializing in elemental damage, she can shoot the Sellout at her feet, triggering the elemental status effects on her, which in turn activates the Elemental Projector's damage increase. Depending on her build, this can lead to a massive damage increase with any weapon. However, this must be done using a low level version of the Sellout, as a version at a higher level will simply kill her very quickly.



  • “Like, follow, and obey.”
  • “I’m bored, hurry up and die already.”
  • “Ha, sellout.”
  • “Never forget, you’re a gun-slut!”
  • “Biiiiitch, bitch, bitch, biiiiiiiitch.”
  • “Shame this is as close as you’ll ever get to me.”
  • “Selloooooout!”
  • “Always remember that you're a gun-slut, and you will never be clean.”

Switching weapons

  • “Come kill this turd farmer!”
  • “Gun-Queen Tyreen here, coming to you live from the hands of this asshole!”
  • “Gun-slut for sale! Gun-slut for sale!”
  • “Vault thief here!”

Getting a kill

  • “What a hero.”
  • “Wow! You actually hit something!”
  • “You’re a natural! Said no one ever...”
  • “Nice shooting super fan!”


  • “Awww did you run out of bullets?”
  • “Quick! While they’re reloading!”
  • “Super bitch!”
  • “Mega-bitch.”
  • “Turbo bitch! How are you so bad at this?!”
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