Sell Out is an optional mission given by Tyreen Calypso via a bounty board in the Ambermire on Eden-6.


"I expect you to die, Vault Hunter. Come on, sell out! You'll get a sweet gun! Just do it!"



  • Use obvious death trap
  • Destroy cameras 0/5


Tyreen is offering a special gun if the Vault Hunters are willing to kill themselves for the Children of the Vault's entertainment. Follow the waypoint to where she's set up her deathtrap and make the decision. If you agree to be her "gun slut", the Sellout pistol will be given. Destroying the cameras around the deathtrap will disappoint her, with cash being the only reward instead.


"Wow. You actually did it?! You ARE a total gun slut... and we just added a cool hundo-thousand followers, so win-win. My work here is done! Thanks, Vault Thief. I knew I could count on you."
"Well, I guess you're smidge less of a gun slut than I thought. Too bad. I'll have to give that limited-edition to one of my loyal followers now. Here's some cash, dipshit."

Turn In: Tyreen


  • This mission is a callback to the Borderlands 2 mission Kill Yourself, in which Handsome Jack made a similar lucrative offer in exchange for the Vault Hunters' voluntary self-destruction.
  • If the player saves and quits immediately after the death switch is used, the character will gain the rewards for killing themselves but are not charged the New-U Station fee.

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