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Seek Out Tannis is a story mission in Borderlands given by Helena Pierce.


"If you insist on continuing your mad pursuit of the Vault, you should visit Patricia Tannis. I spoke with her about you, and she seemed eager to meet you. If you hurry, you might find her out at her dig site. Talk to Claptrap along the way, and he'll open the gate for you."



Talk to Tannis at her dig site.
  • Claptrap talked to
  • Tannis found


The Claptrap that needs to be communicated with is at the south-east gate in New Haven and unlocks the gate to Rust Commons West. A small bandit outpost near this gate may present some difficulty when bandits emerge while the Claptrap is talking, so there is a compelling precedent for eliminating these bandits just prior to speaking with the Claptrap. Beyond the gate travel to Patricia Tannis involves travelling to the north-east corner of Rust Commons West. There is a New-U station near her camp on the western side of the Underpass that will offer a much more convenient transit point in later visits to Tannis.

There are at least two sets of high level rakk to get through along with a spiderant infestation to wade through. Outrunners are blocked from entering the area, ruling out the easy option of running them over. Refer to their articles for strategies on how to deal with them.

There are three weapon chests in the area. A white chest is on the north side of her hut, a red chest is located on some old ruins a short distance from the hut, and a second red chest is under an archway adjacent to the entry corridor to the camp area.


"Incredible! With your brain, and all the hurdles that implies, you have correctly identified a piece of the Vault Key. I want you to leave this with me, so that I may run some tests. I had one of these, once. Now, it is in the hands of Crazy Earl, along with many of my unmentionables. Do you like bugs?"