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Scythid Crawlers are very small, pale pink scythids. Though sneaky, their attack style is limited. After approaching a target along a straight line, they will emit a high-pitched noise (akin to a loud "mee-yeep!") and leap at their target for a small, almost negligible amount of damage. A small pause in their movement indicates that they are about to pounce.

Close-ranged weapons with a spray effect such as shotguns or submachine guns are effective for dealing with them up close, while an accurate burst from a combat rifle can quickly eliminate them at a distance. Melee attacks are also a viable way of dealing with them as this saves ammo and they usually die in one hit.

These can be very hard to see due to their small size. After it attacks, they will make a small rotation to their target and repeat it over again.



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  • In Playthrough 2 they are renamed Scythid Slug, and in Playthrough 2.5 they are renamed Scythid Creep.