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Scythids are large, leech-like invertebrates. They have fleshy appendages on their sides that allow them to jump and fly varying distances. They may attack in large groups and are very versatile in moving and flying.

General Strategy

Scythids are fast, usually low to the ground, and always attack in groups. They are generally not regarded as dangerous enemies, although they can offer some element of surprise with their mob attacks and tendency to remain hidden until potential prey ventures close.

Contrary to in-game information, which suggests that they have an incendiary vulnerability, scythids have a high resistance to all elemental damage, including rocket blasts, elemental damage-over-time, and all Grenades other than Transfusion, taking no more than 50% damage. Conversely, scythids take triple damage from all bullets and melee strikes. For purposes of elemental bullet affinity, scythids are unshielded flesh. Scythids have no Critical hit location.

Other than the small Scythid Crawler, scythids are not particularly fragile.

Types of Scythid


  • Scythids and bandits will attack each other when in the same vicinity.
  • Scythid emit a high-pitched squeal when attacking.


  • In early concept design, Scythid were quadru- or sexti-pedal and functioned like a coordinated group, like the Pandoran equivalent of a hyena pack, as opposed to senseless pouncing and fluttering. They preferred to waylay targets, often going after lone targets and sometimes even vehicles that passed near their nests.
  • The original Scythids came in several varieties, but lacked elemental dispositions. They were, from the smallest to the greatest, the dog-like sprinters and runners, which preferred to ram and gore targets, often tipping over vehicles; semi-serpentine Reavers, which tended to attack from cliffsides and use tusk and blade-like arm appendages to maul prey; the huge and mammoth-like Ravagers, which burst from the ground and attempted to grieve or pince opponents with their massive, scythe-like tusks; and the gargantuan and fearsome Ruiners, which were much to the effect of a Ravager, but thrice its size, four-tusked, and capable of vomiting caustic bile as well as performing a fierce, area-effect ground slam. In the end, Gearbox discarded these beautific beasts in favor of slugs, claiming they were "too much like Zerg" in both form and function.


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