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Scream of Terror is a legendary nova shield in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Anshin. It is exclusive to the Bloody Harvest seasonal event and can drop from Captain Haunt located in Heck or Loot Ghosts.

Special Weapon Effects

Behold the flesh and the power it holds. – Releases a Cryo nova when depleted that pacifies enemies if the character has enough stacks of Terror. When fully recharged, regenerates 5% of the character's health per second.

Usage & Description

The Scream of Terror both pacifies and slows down nearby enemies, providing decent survivability while using a terror focused build. However, because it cannot spawn with anointments, it becomes less effective for max level characters than nova shields that can spawn with an anointment.


  • Enemies that are pacified do not attack the character. They will have their health bars go missing, their name color will change to that of a friendly NPC, and will be immune to damage.
  • The Scream of Terror shield has fixed parts and does not drop with any anointed effects. It always spawns with the "Brimming" prefix.
    • As such, all variants of the same level will be exactly the same.