For other uses, see Scorpio Turret and Scorpion.

The Scorpio is a unique aftermarket assault rifle manufactured by Dahl and appears in Borderlands 2. It uses the Jakobs barrel.

Scorpio is obtained from the mission Bearer of Bad News located in Sanctuary.

Special Weapon Effects

Say not in grief: "He is no more." but live in thankfulness that he was. – Variable burst-fire count when zoomed. Variable fire rate when not zoomed(hip firing). Increased rate of fire and accuracy, reduced recoil.

Usage & Description

As with all Dahl weapons in Borderlands 2, the Scorpio has a burst fire when zoomed. The Scorpio, however, features a variable-round burst(around 5-7 when zooming in) instead of the common 2 - 3-round burst. It is highly accurate when firing zoomed in and has a very low recoil.


  • The name Scorpio is a nod to Roland's action skill, Scorpio Turret, in Borderlands.
  • The flavor text of the weapon is a Hebrew proverb.
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