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Scorched Snake Canyon is a location in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.


Scorched Snake Canyon is a large series of deep gorges between large mountain plateaus and pit mines. Much of the area was used as an opencast mine and still contains the detritus of an extensive mining operation. The series of gorges are inhabited by Skag-Traps and Spiderant-Traps. Rakk-Traps emerge from a Rakk-Trap Hive within one of the pit mines. There is a warehouse guarded by Claptraps and Gatling Turret-Traps that contains the WIRED device guarded by Commandant Steele-Trap. There are several structures with balconies towering above the main canyon.


Common Enemies[]

  • Skag-Traps
  • Spider Ant-Traps
  • Rakk-Traps
  • Claptraps

Notable Enemies[]

Weapon Crate Locations[]

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  • In the first open pit mine encountered lies a huge skeleton from what appears to be a Rakk Hive. The skeleton has the remains of a drilling rig still attached to its back and head suggesting that Rakk Hives were domesticated or enslaved and used to facilitate mining operations on Pandora.