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Scorch is a giant Fire Spiderant found in Frostburn Canyon. It appears as part of the mission Cult Following: False Idols.

Scorch can also spawn in The Raid on Digistruct Peak, on Overpower Level 2 or higher.


When first seen, Scorch is being worshipped as a god, much to the ire of Incinerator Clayton. Tasked with the objective to find and eliminate this false deity, the Vault Hunters find the spiderant poised to deliver the killing blow to five willing psychos kneeling before it.



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  • There is a chance that Scorch will drop the HellFire, a legendary elemental incendiary SMG, when killed.
  • Scorch's priority targets are his worshippers after his mission spawn. In True Vault Hunter Mode he may need several attacks to kill them.
  • Killing Scorch without killing Scorch's spiderant minions completes the Praise Be to Scorch challenge.
  • A bug in console editions of Borderlands 2 has sometimes caused Scorch to appear as a skag.