Scooter? But I Don't Even Know Her

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Find Scooter to learn more about the mysterious informant, Athena.

  • Find Scooter: 0/1
"A mysterious ally has contacted you and is looking for your help. There is a price on your head and you'll need to deal with Atlas to get rid of it. The informant, Athena, has told you to find Scooter in T-Bone Junction. He knows where to find her."


The objective is simply to walk across the street to Scooter's garage, where he will be introduced by a cutscene, then talk to him to complete the mission.


"It sounds like this 'Athena' is in hiding at Moxxi's place. Whoever that is..."


  • Shit and meatballs! Didn't think I'd ever see your dumb ass again! Did you really open the Vault? Did that Steele chick take her clothes off yet? I need details though. - 1st part of Scooter's cinematic
  • Act all casual like when I say this. I'm gonna speak in code, so I hope you have the mental capacity to follow. Your 'lady friend' told me to send you to 'Moxxi's place' when you stopped by... If you know what I'm saying. - 2nd part of Scooter's cinematic

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