Find Scooter to learn more about the mysterious informant, Athena.

  • Find Scooter: 0/1
"A mysterious ally has contacted you and is looking for your help. There is a price on your head and you'll need to deal with Atlas to get rid of it. The informant, Athena, has told you to find Scooter in T-Bone Junction. He knows where to find her."


This mission is incredibly simple. Just walk across the street from where you warped into T-Bone Junction, and a cutscene will introduce Scooter. Talk to him after it's over to complete the quest.


"It sounds like this 'Athena' is in hiding at Moxxi's place. Whoever that is..."


  • The name of the mission references Scooter's sister and how Scooter himself is named after her.
  • It also references the classic pun, wherein one person will say something ending with "er", and the other will repeat the word (sans "er") followed by "her? I don't even know 'er!" or "her? I hardly know her!"
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