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Scooter? But I Don't Even Know Her is the opening story mission for The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.


"A mysterious ally has contacted you and is looking for your help. There is a price on your head and you'll need to deal with Atlas to get rid of it. The informant, Athena, has told you to find Scooter in T-Bone Junction. He knows where to find her."



Scooter? But I Don't Even Know Her

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Find Scooter to learn more about the mysterious informant, Athena.
  • Find Scooter


The objective is simply to walk across the street to Scooter's garage, where he will be introduced by a cutscene, then talk to him to complete the mission.


"It sounds like this 'Athena' is in hiding at Moxxi's place. Whoever that is..."

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(1st part of Scooter's cinematic)
Shit and meatballs! Didn't think I'd ever see your dumb ass again! Did you really open the Vault? Did that Steele chick take her clothes off yet? I need details though.
(2nd part of Scooter's cinematic)
Act all casual like when I say this. I'm gonna speak in code, so I hope you have the mental capacity to follow. Your 'lady friend' told me to send you to 'Moxxi's place' when you stopped by... If you know what I'm saying.