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Scooter is a mechanic with workshops in New Haven, T-Bone Junction, Sanctuary, and Hollow Point. He is most renowned and recognized for his southern accent and stylistic speech.


Scooter mentions being named after one of his sisters. His mother is revealed to be Mad Moxxi during the course of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, as well as the fact that he killed and buried Lucky Zaford. He grudgingly admits that Jimbo Hodunk is his father during Borderlands 2.



Scooter banner

Scooter AD at T-Bone Junction

Scooter maintains the Catch-A-Rides and built the Outrunners that players can use to drive around Pandora. Once characters arrive in New Haven, he will also hand out some missions, including one to check on his old friend T.K. Baha.

He reappears in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, where he is central to building the new vehicles of that campaign.

Scooter returns in Borderlands 2 as Sanctuary's mechanic. He assists the Crimson Raiders in maintaining the rebel city. His sister, Ellie, maintains a garage in The Dust. He also maintains the Sanctuary's flying system. Some of his missions involve helping him find a a love interest, which usually ends with their deaths instead.

In Tales from the Borderlands, Scooter makes another return in episodes Atlas Mugged and Escape Plan Bravo. In the former, Fiona and Sasha show up to his new garage where he works alongside Janey Springs. Scooter recognizes them as the winners of the latest Bandit Race and agrees to repair their vehicle for a hefty sum of cash. When they are unable to pay it, he suffices with a compromise by asking them to sponsor him, which, provided they keep racing, would net him some extra attention. Fiona and Sasha lie to him and he agrees to repair their ride. Alternatively, if Fiona disagrees to keep racing, this will force Sasha to flirt with Scooter which convinces him to repair their vehicle. She is seriously disgusted with herself for doing that.

In the latter episode Fiona, along with Sasha, Rhys, Vaughn, and Vallory's goons seek out Scooter's garage in hopes of getting a ride to Helios. After a brief interrogation by Janey, she agrees to make them a rocket. Scooter tags along after Fiona suggests they need a mechanic. During the trip, the crew encounters problems and the ship becomes unable to break Pandora's gravitational pull. Scooter devises an emergency plan and manages to overload the ship in order to break through. Shortly thereafter, he and Fiona must travel outside the ship to detach the rockets which are in danger of exploding. Fiona successfully detaches hers, Scooter, on the other hand, gets his hand stuck inside the stabilizer console. After a few brief attempts to free him, Fiona and Scooter share a heartfelt goodbye as Fiona is forced to detach the rocket. Scooter then rides off on the rocket towards Pandora, spouting his signature, "Catch-a-Riiiiiide!" as the rocket explodes in space, killing him. Shortly afterwards, Fiona can choose to either honor Scooter with his advertisement satellite or ignore and continue, the latter upsetting Janey and preventing her from joining you against The Traveler due to her thinking that Fiona is cruel.

After his death, Ellie constructed a memorial of him using two scrapped cars. Moxxi managed to retrieve an ECHO recording of his last words. She has the vault hunters retrieve his magazines, transfer ownership of Catch-A-Ride to Ellie and design a memorial ramp.


In the film Borderlands, Scooter is played by Steven Boyer.



Arid Badlands missions


New Haven missions


T-Bone Junction missions



Borderlands 2




When approached

  • "Heya man! Hey, you need sumthin'?"
  • "Well hey there, welcome!"
  • "Come on in! I ain't gonna bite... probably."
  • "Hey man, whatchu want?"
  • "Hey, come on in, poke around!"
  • "Hey, I got my eye out, just wait your turn, man!"
  • "Come in outta that dust. Nasty out there, ain't it?"

When walking away

  • "Hey, you keep yerself outta trouble!"
  • "Hey, I'll catcha later."
  • "Hey, you just holler when you need me, alright?"

Before Seek Out Tannis

  • "Now, I wasn't born in no barn, alright? Well... actually I was, but all I'm sayin' is you don't believe people runnin' around talkin' 'bout some magic door spewin' out treasure and the like, alright?"
  • "Oh, so yer here for the Vault, eh? Well, hell, I got some ocean-front property near Sanctuary I'll sell ya real cheap. I'll even throw in a yacht if the price is right!"
  • "Heard you huntin' for that Vault. You know, even if it weren't hogwash, would it matter? What you gonna do with treasure anyhow - all we got here's mud, guns, an' dirt!"

After Seek Out Tannis

  • "Word now's the Vault's real. Well, if it is real, what'd anyone put in the damn thing? Gold? Hot chicks? ...Monkeys?"
  • "Hey, you heard the news? Don't seem to make but two beans a sense, the Vault bein' real and all."
  • "Hey, you hear the Vault is real? I been tellin' everyone the whole time that son-of-a-bitch was real. I said it, I swear on my daddy's body, bless his run-over soul."

After Middle of Nowhere series of missions

  • "I ain't one to gossip - but that Tannis ain't quite on the up and up, ya know what I mean?"
  • "I should tell ya, I wouldn't trust Tannis with any one of my vehicles... what with all that science and... her boyish haircut."
  • "Now, this is just between you and me, and some choice machine parts over there, but that Tannis acts real peculiar-like - it don't befit a lady."

After Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down

  • "Hey, you seen them Lance soldiers 'round here? Why'd anyone send an army out here for, anyway?"
  • "I gotta say... Not sure we need crazy robot people like the Crimson Lance comin' in here tellin' us what is the what."
  • "Hey, you seen those Crimson Lance? Buncha walkin' buckets! Ain't that I got any beef with 'em, they just armed up to the teeth, and I ain't sure what they are up to."

After The Final Piece

  • "You know, I knew I smelled trouble when those Crimson Lance started showin' up 'round here."
  • "I gotta tell ya man, I don't trust them Crimson Lance. Those bucket monkeys ought not done what they done."
  • "I'm right fed up 'bout all this. See, this is what happens when ya got robot people like the Crimson Lance walkin' all over doin' whatever - nothin' but trouble!"
  • "Hey now, you listen to Scooter - Those Crimson Lance ain't no good for none of us. They don't give half a thin shit about the blue collars. We'll be long dead, and they'll still be fightin' an' fussin' over who gets to play king for a day over our dead-ass corpses."

General Knoxx DLC quotes

  • Shit and meatballs! Didn't think I'd ever see your dumb ass again! Did you really open the Vault? Did that Steele chick take her clothes off yet? I need details though. - 1st part of Scooter's cinematic
  • Act all casual like when I say this. I'm gonna speak in code, so I hope you have the mental capacity to follow. Your 'lady friend' told me to send you to 'Moxxi's place' when you stopped by... If you know what I'm saying. - 2nd part of Scooter's cinematic
  • Smokin' Jesus titty cinnamon! That is a monster! That's gonna be sweet! - Upon finding the supercharger
  • Just a quick note about Moxxi in the event you ain't met her. She's got a peculiar streak in 'er. Loves the lime light, but she ain't as sketchy as she appears to be on stage. ... Oh, almost forgot, she's my mom. So you treat her right or I'll bury you where I buried Lucky. Yeah, I killed him, don't act all surprised. I told you I was gonna do it.

Borderlands 2

  • Whoa! Unauthorized user up in my grill! You trying to hack my Catch a Riiiide?! Uncool bro Uncooool!
  • Welcome to Catch-A-Ride, please enjoy your stay, and there's a pimento taco - a pimentaco - in the glovebox.
  • "Authorized user accepted. Enjoy the ride and there's a pimento taco -- a "Pimentaco" -- in the glove box."
  • "Thanks for using Scooter's Catch-A-Ride, beeyotch!"
  • The ladies say that Scooter's the fastest ride in town. Catch-A-Ri.. oh, I just realized that's an insult.

Tales from the borderlands

  • "I understood about half those words. Let's do it!"
  • Look ya'll. We gotta do some compensating. And lucky for ya'll thats my specialty!"

Catch-A-Ride quotes

  • Hey! Name's Scooter! I's named after my sister. Hey, come get you some wheels!
  • This is where the cars live! Get you one!
  • Hey, listen to Scooter! When you gotta get across the rough 'n rowdiest places on Pandora, accept no sub-sti-tute!
  • Hey, Scooter says don't walk, drive! My daddy always said wheels were better than heels. Uh, he was paralyzed, though. Anyway, don't walk, drive!
  • Hey, this is Scooter saying, four wheels is better than... than uh, zero... wheels... Hey, have fun!
  • Hey, don't be shy now! C'mon! Catch a Riiiiiiiiiiide!
  • Hey! My runners don't look like some blushing bride's or an'thing... but she'll get ya there... maybe even alive... Catch a ride!
  • Hey! Can't really tell one way or the other. Vault's real.. Vault ain't.. Flip a coin.. Say a pray'r.. Whatever!
  • Hey, this is Scooter! And this is my Catch-A-Ride!
  • Hey! Let's get you rolling!
  • Trick out your ride!
  • Hey! This is the place to Catch-A-Ride! You can paint it all kinds of pretty colors to boot!


  • In the files of the first Borderlands, Scooter's model is named Brock, likely an older name for the character. Additionally, a test model featuring an older design for Scooter exists.
  • Scooter is depicted on a billboard, in T-Bone Junction, endorsing Clitz brand beer, with the slogan, "It's what's under the hood."
  • Scooter appears to be incestuous, like many of the Hodunk clan, confessing to once having a crush on his sister, and mentioning that his desired girlfriend Laney White is distantly related to him.
  • In Anthony Burch's series Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'? There's an episode where Gearbox's ideas are shown on a whiteboard, one of the idea concepts was Scooter being gay.
  • Scooter is shown to be quite fond of "girly magazines", asking the Vault Hunter to pick them up for him as an optional objective for several of his missions in Borderlands 2.
  • In Tales from the Borderlands, one of the determinant satellite messages for honoring Scooter is "See ya, Space Cowboy", which is an reference to the anime series Cowboy Bebop.


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