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Schemin' That Sabotage is an optional mission in Borderlands that becomes available on Fyrestone Bounty Board after Sledge: Battle For The Badlands is complete.


"This here's a job for anyone who thinks they got a pair that clank. Everyone knows how the bandits overran Headstone Mine. They've been sellin' iridium on the black market. I don't know who's buyin' it, but screw 'em. Anything fundin' bandits needs to stop. I tried blowing the emergency valves on the main line, but they chased me out before the job was done. I need someone to get in there, finish connecting the fuses, then blow them up. Any takers?"



Infiltrate the Headstone Mine, place the fuses, and use the detonator.
  • Fuse A placed
  • Fuse B placed
  • Fuse C placed
  • Pipeline Destroyed


Head back to Headstone Mine. To complete this mission, first enter Headstone Mine, clear out bandits along the way to the fuse locations. There are three fuses to place in the ground level area in front of the Mulciber Mk 2. Once this area has been cleared of bandits and the fuses placed, head up the ramp behind the Mulciber Mk 2 and head left to the next way point. There will be a few more bandits to contend with on this upper level. The objective is a glowing green box on the ground next to the detonator.

Triggering the detonator will light up an impressive fireworks display as the pipeline and main mine building are completely destroyed. Head back to the Fyrestone Bounty Board for the reward.


"Great work! Without a steady flow of cash, those bandit bastards won't be able to afford their weapons much longer. Maybe that'll keep 'em of my back and outta Fyrestone."


  • This mission needs to be completed in order to gain the console Achievement/Trophy, Made in Fyrestone.


  • The title of this mission is a reference to a well-known song called "Sabotage" by the hip-hop band "Beastie Boys".