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Scavenger: Sniper Rifle is one of the six Scavenger missions throughout the Borderlands. This mission comes from the Fyrestone Bounty Board in the Arid Badlands.

Goal of these missions is to collect 4 pieces of weapons, of which after the completion of the mission, a weapon of the appropriate type is obtained. This weapon is given as a reward for the mission.


"I used to hunt skags from the east ridge near the mine. I was working on a new sniper rifle so I could really take 'em down. I never quite finished and had to stash the parts around so the bandits wouldn't find 'em. If you retrieve the pieces its all yours. I need the Stock, Body, Sight, and Barrel."



Scavenger Sniper Rifle

Video walkthrough


Find all of the sniper rifle parts.
  • Sniper Rifle Body
  • Sniper Rifle Stock
  • Sniper Rifle Sight
  • Sniper Rifle Barrel


After selecting the mission, go to the marker on the map and look in the general area of the marker.

  1. Rifle body: Is located on the wood and sheet metal walk-way connecting the upper portion of the shack to the ridge line. It sits on a large box. (It's not on the round hut, it's on the high ridge line to the upper right, indicator is very general.)
  2. Rifle barrel: From the compound entrance, take the dirt ramp to the right and continue along its path. After crossing corrugated steel bridge, there is an observation deck to the right; the barrel is on the table. This piece appears to be the farthest from the others and the waypoint is incorrectly marked for this item marking it someplace near the base of the round hut.
  3. Rifle sight: Under a pile of trash and rubble before the left ramp going up.
  4. Rifle stock: On the top level of the central shack there is a large rusty tank with an arrow pointing up. Sniper rifle stock is on a shelf near the toilet.


"You found 'em! Here you go. Its ready for action. Enjoy!"


  • Some of the parts may spawn in a different order, but all locations are the same. Don't be surprised if the barrel is found where the scope should be.
  • Make sure not to jump into any crevices around the hut. Characters may get stuck and have to clear the entire area again! To dislodge a stuck character try to duck and walk and/or duck and jump.
  • The items cards for parts has the following texts:
    • Sniper Rifle Body: Will probably require a thorough cleaning before use.
    • Sniper Rifle Stock: A piece from a sniper rifle.
    • Sniper Rifle Sight: All the elements appear to be intact.
    • Sniper Rifle Barrel: Could use a little polish.