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Scavenger: Machine Gun is one of the six Scavenger missions throughout the Borderlands. The completion of The Final Piece is required for the appearance of this mission on Middle Of Nowhere Bounty Board that gives it.

Goal of these missions is to collect 4 pieces of weapons, of which after the completion of the mission, a weapon of the appropriate type is obtained. This weapon is given as a reward for the mission.


"There are components to machine gun scattered around. If you find all of these components, I can reassemble the weapon for you. Bring me the Body, Magazine, Stock, and Barrel."



Find all of the machine gun parts.
  • Machine Gun Body
  • Machine Gun Magazine
  • Machine Gun Stock
  • Machine Gun Barrel


The gun parts are hidden amid the buildings of Thor Digtown and the encampment itself is populated with some well armed and aggressive enemies. The way point only shows the general area.

  • Barrel: It is at the top of a metal ramp that overlooks the entrance on the east side of the camp. The base of the ramp is near a lean-to covering two lockers and a Jakobs fuel tank.
  • Stock: It isn't far from the body. It can be seen by backing up a few paces and looking right to see a small camp fire going with some meat cooking. There is an ammo box at one side of the camp, directly above this ammo box on that metal container is the stock.
  • Body: It is on top of the left hand silo near the shops (coming at it towards the shop). Jump up at the side of the silo to collect the prize.
  • Magazine: It is on top of the blue hut north of the way point marker. Use the concrete wall near the hut to get up there.


"I was able to assemble those parts into a complete weapon. Here's your new machine gun. Enjoy!"

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  • Some of the parts of the weapon may spawn in a different order, but all locations are the same. Don't be surprised if you find the barrel where the scope should be.
  • The items cards for parts has the following texts:
    • Machine Gun Body: Smooth and deadly.
    • Machine Gun Magazine: It's remarkably well preserved, all things considered.
    • Machine Gun Stock: Looks like it'll probably work.
    • Machine Gun Barrel: Shows signs of heavy use.