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Scavengers are enemies encountered in Borderlands 2 in True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode only.

Scavengers are easily distinguished by their insect-like appearance. Although Scavengers generally try to avoid direct confrontation, they are very tough opponents. They wear pieces of body armor, carry assault rifles and, more often than not, are equipped with shields. They roam the battlefield trying to pick up dropped items, much like Rats do. Upon dying, they will also drop everything they have picked up, similarly to Rats. They appear wherever Marauders can, but are difficulty restricted as they can only appear in True Vault Hunter Mode and above.



They have considerably more health than standard bandit enemies, but aren't much different from normal bandits with the exception of sometimes pausing to pick up loot. Their health is roughly 1.5 times to 3 times that of the average Marauder's health.


  • Regardless of the game mode, their name remains unchanged.


  • Scavengers are always the highest level enemy on the battlefield. For example, since the level cap for enemies in True Vault Hunter Mode is 52, Scavengers always appear as level 52. This also applies to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, if the player is level 80 and overpower level 10, the level cap would be 92, and hence why Scavengers always appear as level 92 under the aforementioned conditions.