For the scav faction, see Scav (faction).

Scavs are common scav units armed with common weapons, and equipped with Oz kits. They can also be equipped with a jetpack, allowing them to fly around.


This is the basic Scav unit seen in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and is roughly analagous to the basic Bandit unit from previous Borderlands games.

There are two types: Type 1 is the common type and encountered in most scav-controlled areas. Type 2 has an enclosed metal faceplate acting as a helmet, which cannot be shattered, unlike regular Scav units. They are always equipped with a jetpack and can bee seen riding Stolen Dahl Powersuit. They are only encountered at the very end of Titan Industrial Facility and in the Transit Area of Titan Robot Production Plant.

They are also encountered in the usual Badass/"Lil'" variations.



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